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Project: Rozen Maiden Träumend

Status: Finished

Video: x264 @ 712x480 anamorphic @16/9 AR, VFR, not hardsubbed.
Audio: Vorbis @ Q 3.0 (~112kbit), 2 channels
Source: DVD R2 (Japan)
Languages: Japanese audio, English subs. Episodes 1~7 by Manhole-Desu, 8~12 by Ayu.
Subtitles: .ASS with softsubbed Karaoke

Playback problems? The solution is HERE

So, you only want the subtitles/fonts? Then get them HERE

(the subtitle pack above has slightly improved timing on the OP karaoke for the first 7 episodes)

Complete series torrent available HERE

Patcher for those who downloaded the older (v1) versions HERE

To use it, simply extract to the same folder as the older episodes, and execute "patcher.bat". It'll create v2s out of the older files. Check the CRC of the new files, and delete the older ones if the patching is successful.

NOTE: Original episodes 8~12 were missing the attached OP karaoke font, and I've released fixed versions for them, which also have improved timing on the OP kara for episodes 8 and 9. Just delete episodes 8~12 from the old torrent / ed2k versions and resume it with the "v2" torrent above.

Thanks to XellosPL for pointing it out on IRC.

eMule (ED2k) / MegaUpload  links:

Episode 1 : Rozenkristall - ED2k - MegaUpload

Episode 2 : Enju - ED2k - MegaUpload

Episode 3 : Kanarienvogel - ED2k - MegaUpload

Episode 4: Vereinbarung - ED2k - MegaUpload

Episode 5: Der brief - ED2k - MegaUpload

Episode 6: Engel - ED2k - Megaupload

Episode 7: Teegesellschaft - ED2k - Megaupload

Episode 8: Puppenmacher - ED2k - Megaupload

Episode 9: Der Tadel - ED2k - Megaupload

Episode 10: Tomoe - ED2k - Megaupload

Episode 11: Rozengarten - ED2k - Megaupload

Episode 12: Alice - ED2k - Megaupload

Screenshots (from episode 1):


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